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Kirsten Josling

Kirsten is a 4th year Bachelor of International Business Student specializing in Global Financial Management Systems with a minor in German. She has many interests and passions that vary from social finance to global citizenship.


While spending summers working for an e-commerce and graphic design company in Vienna, she developed an enthusiasm for small businesses and helping founders develop out-of-the-box solutions.


Alongside Hatch, Kirsten is the current Vice President of Finance for the Sprott Business Student Society and in the past has stayed busy with EnactusCarleton University’s social enterprise hub. She’s excited to bring a fresh perspective to hatch and make her mark through empowering CU’s innovative and resilient student community.

Samantha Gec
Strategy Lead 

Samantha is in her final year of the Bachelor of Commerce program with a Specialization in International Business and a Minor in Spanish.


Samantha has worked at Export Development Canada in Brand Strategy for approximately one year. She has found a passion for brand development and helping Canadian businesses succeed, which lends to her current role in Hatch as Strategy Lead.


Alongside Hatch, Samantha has contributed to the Sprott Business Student Society (SBSS) as Vice President of External Relations where she worked one on one with businesses to create partnerships for the SBSS. She is currently President of the SBSS, where she works toward shaping the strategic vision of the society and assisting all Sprott students to grow socially, professionally, and academically.

Carolina Lopez
Content Lead 

Carolina Lopez is a 4th-year BIB student concentrating in International Marketing & Trade with a minor in French. Carolina is Hatch's current content lead.


She wants to help students obtain as much information and resources about entrepreneurship and how to start a business. She's in charge of creating all of Hatch's content in our social platforms and hopes to get as many students involves with Hatch's event as possible.


She is also involved in other clubs like SBSS & SIBA as digital media director & VP Marketing. Carolina wants to work abroad shortly.

Katelyn Davidson
Internal Lead 

Katelyn Davidson is a 3rd-year Criminology student concentrating in Law. Katelyn is Hatch’s current Internal Lead. She is passionate about organising programs to help founders work through the Hatch program and become out of the box thinkers.


Katelyn is passionate about creativity and leadership. Along side Hatch Katelyn works with the Innovation hub and a local restaurant in Ottawa.

Justin Zhang
External Lead

Justin is an Ottawa based Software Developer who is passionate about entrepreneurial habits, being a pro-active student and worker, computer science, and creating creatives that can simplify a person's life. He’s currently a 4th year student at Carleton University studying Software Engineering & Entrepreneurship.

On top of learning from his Business and Software engineering studies, he loves to gain experience via extracurriculars. From cracking down for Hackathons to flashing betas in Rock Climbing.