Official Pitch Night Rules and Regulations:



“Idea” refers to a conceptual idea that a student will be pitching to develop into a startup.


“Business” refers to a business that a student already leads, has generated            revenue off of, and has already developed a working model of their unique value proposition.

“Founder(s)” refer to those students willing to pitch their “Idea” at Pitch Night.

“Startup” refers to the businesses or ideas that are accepted into the Hatch Class of 2019 program and will be participating in 2019-2020 programming.


The “Hatch Program” refers to the programming that is made exclusively available for accepted “Startups” and will include both open and closed events.


Pitches can be either of the following nature:

-An idea that can be executed within 8 months

-Existing businesses/startups

-At least one current undergraduate or graduate Carleton University student must be pitching.

-For existing businesses, the team of founders and team members of the pitching business who will benefit from the hatch program cannot exceed 15.

If accepted into the Hatch program, you must make every effort to have at least one team member of your startup attend all Hatch programming when possible.

If accepted as a founder, you must be willing to collaborate and build your startup’s team with at least one student from the Carleton University community.



-Each pitch should not exceed 5 minutes. Judges and/or Hatch program directors may cut you off. A question period of up to 5 minutes will follow, for a total of 10 live minutes.

-Each Pitchee is entitled to bring a supporting visual presentation (must be compatible with a Mac computer - either PowerPoint, Keynote, or web-based presentation, or they can bring their own laptop).

-Pitchers are also entitled to provide a demonstration of their business idea, being rational and reasonable during their demonstration.

-All pitches must be respectful of Carleton University’s community and values.



-You will be evaluated based on what stage of creation you are pitching. If you are pitching an Idea, you will be mostly evaluated on the feasibility of your idea and how you plan to create a tangible business.

-If you are pitching a business, you will be evaluated on the problem you are solving, your understanding of the market, your plan to mitigate market risks, and most importantly: your Unique Value Proposition.

-After Pitch Night, the judges will forward their feedback to the Hatch Directors, who will review and select the Hatch Class of 2019. You will be notified of our decision within 7 days. You may be required to provide additional information to assist with the decision as on request of the Hatch Directors.

-If there is a proportional sway towards one or the other category of the pitch, we may decide to modify the number of accepted businesses.


Please email if you have any questions.