Each year, Hatch selects a group of creative, innovative, and hard-working undergraduate students to develop their ideas into a customer-facing startup to strengthen the product or business development streams of their existing businesses.

If you're an undergraduate student at Carleton University with a business idea, we want to help you get started on turning that idea into something more concrete!

Hatch's Incubator program focuses on mentoring over a 6 month period, all with the final goal of continuing your journey to a larger accelerator and more prominent roles within the business community. More so than education, our program focuses on motivation by keeping you excited and engaged every week with informative and skill-building workshops led by industry experts, one-on-one meetings, networking opportunities as well as speaker events.

To get started, all you have to do is submit an application including a video pitch (max 5 min) of your idea or business. Don't worry - it doesn't have to be perfect. We will be hosting multiple pitching 101 practice sessions throughout the year along with an Info Night to give you some tips.

Once you have submitted an application and receive an acceptable review from the Hatch Directors, you'll be able to participate at Hatch's pitch night and then after consideration and feedback, the chance to be admitted into our cohort! At the end of the program, we host a startup showcase to highlight the progress of our cohort in front of an audience and a panel of judges.

A few benefits of being involved in the Hatch Incubator Program:

  • Mentorship

  • $1000 bursary

  • Workshops

  • Networking and Business Opportunities​: 

    • Our program focuses on motivation by keeping our entrepreneurs excited and engaged every week with more frequent workshops, meetings, and speaker events.

  • Regular Pitching Practice with Feedback: 

    • Opportunities to pitch in front of a guest entrepreneur, the Hatch directors, and fellow cohort members. 

  • Exclusive Hackathons

  • Weekly Check-Ins

    • Meetings with cohort members and guest speakers that include; mentors, industry leaders, and local entrepreneurs that keep you on track to build your business idea.


Ready to Join Hatch & Build your Business?

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