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Formerly known as Desk Nibbles, we started our journey by providing a worry-free office snacking solution with a goal of creating happier and more productive workplaces. After working closely with over 100 customers, our passion for snacks has grown into something larger - a vision to transform the office ordering experience.

From snacks and beverages to supplies and stationery, we want to make ordering for your office fun and easy. Simplify the way you order for your workplace - make work happier with Hoppier.


BMcGann Photos owned by Brendan McGann is a photography and media management company with a specialization in the automotive sector. He has been capturing and sharing photographs of cars since 2015 and has fallen in love with combining two different creative aspects of his life and having the opportunity to be able to put them into one common passion. Working with some of the largest automotive manufactures in the world such as McLaren, Audi, BMW, and Pagani has provided Brendan with unprecedented experience and knowledge of the industry.
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Twelve Barrels is based on a story of two men who inhabited this earth more than a hundred years ago.  Their days were full of adventure, risk-taking, a little bit of success and a lot of failures. These men created stories that are still told over a hundred years later and inspired Twelve Barrels.  The stories were so outrageous and profound that they cemented their place in history. This is how I want to live. This is how we all want to live. 
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LVD started with two students trying to make a difference. Co-founders Josh Reyes and Mallory Rowan are nationally-qualified powerlifters. Spending three hours at the gym regularly meant little time to do the proper research or volunteer the time it required to help make a difference. They knew other young athletes must feel the same way, so they set out to create a community for all lifters to come together and make a difference. They reached out to WaterAid Canada headquartered in Ottawa, and instantly a partnership was born. 
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By connecting mature students with senior citizens, Win/Win reduces the cost of living for students while offering a helping hand and companionship to seniors living alone.


Our team is purpose-driven. We are committed to providing a housing solution that brings people together and aspires to solve more than one issue by providing a winning solution through the creation of an inclusive, intergenerational community.

For elders living by themselves, Win-Win Homesharing means less financial pressure and housekeeping duties. For students, it means easing their financial burden and house-hunting stress by finding them affordable rooms to rent. With increasing rental costs across the nation, we believe students have the right to safe and affordable rental options. We also believe senior citizens should have more options that allow them to stay comfortable and happy in their homes. Those two beliefs drive our mission forward, proving a solution for all generations.

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StadiYUM is an innovative white-label mobile application that enables professional sporting teams as well as major concert venues the ability to offer mobile in-seat delivery for food & beverages. The app is fully customized and integrated into the team or venues branding.

StadiYUM U, a division of StadiYUM provides a fully customizable white-label mobile application with mobile pick-up technology to Universities and colleges..


Founded by two cousins in Ottawa, Frisk is the product of over two years of research and development. Our mission is to allow as many people as possible to switch to natural deodorant, without sacrificing the performance they expect from a conventional deodorant!

We believe everything that we need to care for our bodies comes naturally from our planet, which is why we source only natural ingredients for our natural deodorant. By paying immaculate attention to every step of the process from sourcing top-quality ingredients to shipping the deodorant to you efficiently, we provide you the experience you deserve. From inception, we started with you in mind. After fine-tuning the recipe for two years, we now have a perfect substitute for conventional deodorants for everyone... whether you are a cross-fit athlete, business executive, stay at home super parent, firefighter, or anyone in between.


Branch uses technology based on Bluetooth LE beacons to let you host your own private social network. We’ve built a whole ecosystem consisting of Bluetooth sensors, Smart devices, a mobile app, and a cloud platform. 
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